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website builders – I want to know what you know about keyword ranking on a website? please comment on this topic if you know anything regarding¬†website builders keywords optimization. Comment on our website by registering free on our sign up form. If you also don’t know anything with keyword optimization and want to know about it please sign in and comment with us.

website builders is the keyword and page that I want to compete with other websites here. I went to google and entered this keyword and searched and my website was not showing or ranking on the 5 pages on google search engine so I am writing this page to see where I will rank or not? I have fixed the page to be SEO ready, SEO means Search Engine Optimization that should have one or two images with alt tag and my keyword. This page should also be readable and understandable by people (Visitor’s) and google so it can rank better. I am publishing this page on August 18, 2016 and if you find it please comment to see how you found it and ranking information.

I am writing this page with the keyword website builders just to show you that I am able to do organic free page optimization and if you own a website and want me to repair or fix SEO; please contact me. I must tell you that SEO is the most important part of your website because it will rank and will be found by potential new customers. Traffic is the best thing that could happen to you. Traffic online makes profit, money.

You can advertise content and charge fee’s to people or private companies or affiliate links so this is the secret to make money online. I can help you with a new website, SEO services or anything you need online. Now I am placing an image with the alt keyword that I am using, I also will create a link going out from this page so it can be 100% SEO ready. Yes you also need one link linking outside or inside to you website to help you rank better. You need the keyword in your content plus description and title of the page. Yes this page is only used for one keyword that when a user types in that keyword my page should come up somewhere. If you are reading this and have click on a link from a search engine means I do a good hell of a job with SEO.

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