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Computer Builder

Computer Builder – I built this computer a year ago – I can build your next computer – custom built computers. I am a Computer Builder located in Fredericksburg Virginia. I am a computer doctor that can fix and repair your PC or laptop. I mostly work on Windows PC, if you own a computer and is going super slow; I can make it faster for you. I can remove virus or malware, just contact me today through my contact form.

Computer Builder
at your service in Spotsylvania VA – I can build you a custom gaming computer. You can buy the parts and I can build it at your place. Or just let me know what specs of a computer you need and I can have it ready for you in one week. If I buy the parts you need to put some money down. This way we are covered that you will not back up on the deal and we are bot good.

I am also a website builder and a graphic designer offering my services to you. I can create you a nice logo for your business. I work with clean vector files or any type of file type you need. Just let me know what is that you need and I can build it for you. Websites and computer builder at your service. I am great with SEO too, if you are reading this page and landed from a search from google bing or yahoo, then it means I am doing a good job with Search Engine Optimization and I can help your site get found.


I can help you optimize your entire whole website at a low price – with keywords and meta tags. Why have a website without SEO? Not good, you need SEO in your life.

This computer I built has 24 gigs of ram, 3 tb hard drive, extreme intel quad core processor, gigabyte black edition motherboard, nice fan for cpu, dvd rw, nice case with fans, card reader, and loaded with great software.

Computer Builder