Business Work Order Tracking System

Business Work Order Tracking System

We have built a Business Work Order Tracking System for your new or existing website, we can make it work for your site. If you are running a business and going insane with all those printed hard copies and lose and can’t track a work order or spend a large amount of time looking then this is for you. You can look up a work order in less than a second. I can build it and customize it to your needs on your website. You need to be sure this is a wordpress site though. Let me help you with Business Work Order Tracking System or personal use.

Go to the section of my website to see it and test it out. There is also a admin control panel where you can add delete or edit fields for the forms. Add locations add users add admin delete or edit. You are able to use this software with your shopping store, so when a customer buys something from you online via your shopping store; the work order automatically generates based on the customer information that was left from the shopping products.

This is a very strong system and can help you with saving money and trees. It saves each work order on the system; you can download by excel sheets or you can also upload by excel sheets. Print a work order and give out to your people, find a work order in seconds, find by work order number or email. Customer can find  the work order online on your site with id number and email that was given when buying. Customer can send notes directly on he/her side by seeing the update. Customer can update the work order online live on your website. There is no need to call the customer for updates or notes, can be done here live online is seconds. Customer can see progress of the work order.

See it in action Business Work Order Tracking System

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