Web Hosting Accounts websites knowledge base

Web Hosting Accounts websites knowledge base

Web Hosting Accounts websites knowledge base – why do we need a hosting account in order to create a new website? how does it work and why do we need one? Why not use website template pre-built with another company? why is it better to register your own hosting account? how do you save money this way? Will you save money this way? Where are the hosting web servers located and how fast can they be? I am a webmaster and graphic designer and have been doing this for a decade now. I can build you the best super powerful and super fast website plus a great architectural designed and mobile friendly website. You will need to purchase a web hosting account and register a domain name too. So read on why you need a great web hosting account and how to choose a company out there. Very simple right? not really you have to educate yourself in order to undertand this.

Hosting Accounts

Everyone needs a hosting account in order to have a website. If you buy from a vendor and company and they have a pre built template then that means that you cannot change or edit 100% because it is already built. You are not able to modify it to your exact needs. Especially if you buy a hosting account your are the true owner of that website as long you pay yearly to a web hosting company. Yes you need to pay someone in order to own it and you are the owner of it. You can make any changes you want 360 changes if you own your website. 100% able to modify it however you need and want. No restrictions on the design and layout, isn’t that a whole lot better? Also you can add a online store to it with just e-Commerce solutions and accept payments via credit cards and right to your bank account. You just pay the percentage fee on the credit card transaction. Also let me throw something great for your business here Online Sales and Management Software that I know it will help you a lot to help you on your business sales and management needs. I know some companies out there charge you an arm and a leg for selling your items through your purchased website or their websites. No more high costs for you anymore, just contact me and I will charge you a one low time fee and set it up for you, you will own your website plus selling shopping store. Also if you buy your own hosting account you can create and build up to 6 different websites, yes you save a whole lot more. If you want a super plan and you want more websites then buy the unlimited websites or domain names and you can have more websites.

Don’t worry I will help you build all your sites for a low fee for each site with great designs plus create a admin area for you to manage your own website. You can also learn how to manage a website edit, add or delete pages or posts yourself. It is very easy with image or video uploads or just share them on your site with you tube embed codes. You can also make money with your site, selling other people’s advertising and affiliated links. I am able to tell you how and get you in the right track, but first you need a website. Web Hosting Accounts websites knowledge base

Web servers are everywhere in the world, I like a web server location in USA cause I am in USA, but it can be anywhere in the world, they are all connected like a giant spider web all over the world. A great website with a great look and a great niche will go very far. You also need to learn how advertising works, you need traffic to your site in order to make money. I can also help you with all of this, I have marketing knowledge like adwords, social advertising and many great websites that I can help you. Plus I also advertise local in VA DC MD. Please visit my flyer distribution services to advertise here in DC MD VA. Here is a link where you can buy your new URL domain name and hosting account, save money and do it for more years and you even save more money. I can also sell you hosting account for one year at $50 yearly if you don’t want to spend much.

Well you are all set with basic info why you need your own web hosting account, SAVE MONEY is the main reason, yes you will gian more and save money. Plus I will help you with SEO Search Engine Optimization all the way. I do everything regarding websites so please contact me today for your next online graphics or website development launched live on the web.

Web Hosting Accounts websites knowledge base

To get the best deal and best options save a whole lot of money please do more then 3 year plan, you will save a lot of money.