Risen Movie Review

Risen Movie Review

Risen Movie Review – I had no idea this movie was all about Jesus resurrecting on the 3rd day from the bible, yes it is and I enjoyed the movie. I did not get bored and was happy that it was about Jesus. With all going on today with the world I think now is the time that we all need Jesus in our hearts. I have read and learned about Jesus since a little kid and all said about Jesus shows compassion. I see nothing wrong with Jesus the son of god coming to this world and showing us the way to heaven. I know lots of people don’t believe in Jesus but I bet if you did you would feel differently and see the world much better. I am not a church person and I believe in one god and Jesus plus Mary and feel good that I do. So this movie is about Jesus how he resurrected and was alive in his body prior leaving this earth. The disciples were persuaded and chased by a roman army to kill them but they escaped.

I give this movie a 8 out of 10 per my opinion because it was a good one and time well spent since now that I and we as people are passing through a rough time. I see way too much pain in the world. Things that the bible mentions in apocalypse go ahead and get one and start reading it and you will see that things that are taking place now – they are written on the book of the lord. I feel bad for people who are doing bad things – not sure why it is happening. How or what would make you think by doing bad things will do good for you? Just think about it, doing good will bring you at peace, your heart will feel a whole lot better.

This movie makes me feel good and just talk about my opinion and share it with you. Go and rent it or buy this movie because it is worth learning about Jesus, why son of god was put in this earth, yes to help sinners and believe! I feel differently believing and trusting in god and Jesus is the door to salvation.

Movie Reviews at unowebsite plus much more. This movie tells you what happened after Christ was resuscitated, if you have no idea why Jesus was born and put on this earth please go ahead and research or red the bible the new testament. Reading the bible will bring you peace within you and will definitely make you feel to do good instead of bad things.

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