Jiffy Lube in Woodbridge Virginia

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube in Woodbridge Virginia
13319 Occoquan Rd
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Jiffy Lube in Woodbridge Virginia – I am very disappointed with this service location, very very disappointed that I will never use them again. I used to go there all the time and now I will just find a way for me to do it myself, this is the only way that I know that the job is getting done the right way. I am not even sure what they do if they really even change the oil filter or use enough oil on the car cause you don’t see when this is getting done. Now I am unsure what they do, some of ┬áthem are very professional and friendly but others are not – they even look like they don’t even want to work there.
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My car Toyota Corolla has been doing a weird rattling noise for a month now, I was about to take em to the mechanic; good thing I didn’t. Yesterday I was driving to walmart and I was going kind of fast and the oil light came up and disappeared really fast, so I went to walmart and bought a quart of oil and put it on the engine. The engine worked a lot better and the rattling noise stopped and gone. I also had 1000 miles left to complete the 3k miles that I wait to change the oil. This rattling noise has been bugging me for a month – had not taken the car to mechanic because been very tight with money, so I waited and ran it on and off and this is what it was. The engine was almost with no oil – the people who change the oil for me every month is jiffy lube so who else to blame? I inspected the oil pan underneath and oil doesn’t leak so I think they used the cheapest oil out there or did not put enough oil. The noise was real loud and I inspected the car over and over and could not find the issue, everything looked fine and noise was inside the engine. I also have another car and it was making the exact noise and when I did an oil change the noise disappeared. Wow 2 cars doing the same thing and I always take them to this location Jiffy Lube, not cool my cars could of had damaged cause of your service. NO MORE JIFFY LUBE FOR ME!