Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel Expedia Reviews

Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel Expedia Reviews

Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel Expedia Reviews- bad review stay away from this hotel cause I had bad experience. I am writing my review so we all know what is good for us and what to not to do. I am not sure if you will have a better experience but I did not. This hotel is at Avenida Canal Río Churubusco #1635, Mexico City DF 09040 and I definitely give a bad review and warning you to not book. Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel Expedia Reviews not to book with them nor use this hotel bad experience.

I went to Mexico and my check in was at 3pm that day, ok I was going to get there at 9pm cause I was flying from USA with United Airlines and was delayed 3 or 4 hours because plane had a mechanical problem. I have been using United for some time now and I had bad experiences that now I will not recommend them either because it has made major delays on my trips. Ok, my trip got delayed 4 hours and I got there at 12pm at midnight, I also rented a car at Fox Rent a Car at the airport Mexico City Benito Juarez, Please also stay away from this rental company because when I got there they wanted to charge me again; which I already had paid online. I had paid Expedia for the days that I was going to be driving plus $100 insurance. Fox rent a car wanted to charge me again plus $400 hold for the car for security purpose. Thys wanted to charge me about $300 more plus the $400 hold, I told them to cancel it right there and I went with Herts across the hallway and it was a lot better. So I got my car at Hertz and went my way, it was 1 or 2 am now and went to the hotel at Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel and the hotel was closed and gates were locked and no one around. Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel Expedia Reviews bad experiences.

I was very tired and sleepy and I wanted my hotel booking, I was there outside 30 minutes outside waiting and lights were off dark place and called them no one answer the phone, I could not believe this, well I had to make a decision fast and quick because police cars patrolling the area, so many cops everywhere and had to drive 4 hours down south to my destination. Was a long drive but I had to do it, was very sleepy and I felt it was kind dangerous cause a country that I have no idea or clue at night or day. I went driving and arrived at destination and felt better when I got there.

The days passed came back to USA and called Expedia and asked for refunds. Expedia personnel said that Fox rentals were going to give me my money back that they approved the refund, But I still at this date have not received the refund is 8/11/16 and about 40 days have passed. Expedia sent me an email that Fox have not sent the funds and I wa snot receiving the refund so I called my credit card company and a dispute has been placed. So right now I have a credit in my account but they said if Fox Rental can prove that they can charge me they will take money from me, but they won’t cause I did not use their services. Please stay away from these companies cause they are not good companies. Thanks Expedia for not helping me on my needs and problems issues that I had and will not use you again! So people that is my bad review story on these companies. The Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel I did get my money by the dispute I did, so thanks to my credit card company.

  • I will not use anymore.
  • Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel I will not use again
  • Fox Rentals at Mexico City inside airport I will not use
  • Bank of America I am not using anymore – they are really getting bad and not helping us
  • Barclay Card Priceline I will use cause they do help and are good company

Yes Bank Of America are really not good helping personnel, you can view my bad review on this page for them. Fiesta Inn Plaza Central Aeropuerto Hotel Expedia Reviews not to use again.

Credit Card update: The credit card company decided to vote against me and this hotel in Mexico has taken my money. Plus Expedia did not help me at all and fought against me and have helped this hotel to take my money. I feel that I have been robbed from my cash. Will never use these 2 companies again cause they are not a good service at all. I will recommend to stay away from them.