Black Green Computer

Black Green Computer

Black Green Computer I built a couple of years ago and sold it. I build custom computers windows OS and tailored to your needs. If you need a gaming computer with your spec’s I can definitely build it for you. I have been building computers for a long time now that in less than a week you will receive your new custom built PC.

Build faster computers for your needs. I know the computer you buy from the stores are just normal computers. I use the latest parts and the best components when I build a new computer. A custom box tower says a whole lot about you. Yes personalized and even digital printed wraps for your computer case. Ask about what kind case you want and digital printed vinyl wrap on it.

Computer’s Built for you

I build computers and deliver them to you with shipping carriers or you can pick it up on Spotsylvania VA 22408. I am also a webmaster and graphic designer. Building and deigning custom websites is what I love. If you are in need of a professional website and at a very low cost please contact me today. We can work it out online via phone and chat. I am able to build you any type of websites.

I also create graphic design for your business or provide you with my SEO services. Design you business cards and brochures or flyers. Create you vector files and you print them wherever you want. Do you know that every printing company will ask for a vector file or a high resolution JPG file? I am here to help you with all computer issues and digital website help. Please navigate my website and you will find my work samples plus much more.

I can help you repair your computer or build you a new custom computer windows version only or help you with all your digital project’s. Please see my┬áBlack Green Computer that I built and sold at one time in the past.

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