Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips

By taking the time to read our Carpet Cleaning Tips on this page you will learn new things about before, during & after carpet cleaning service. Our tips help identify answers for your next cleaning procedures and really great tips. Our website is loaded with great info. and just great options. Contact us today to clean your carpet’s!


Please make sure that all small items are picked up or out of the carpet area that will be cleaned. We move small items example: Sofa, Love Seats, Chairs, small Tables, moveable items. We don’t move beds or heavy items that are too heavy. We can make an exception if you pay us an extra fee, we can move everything in your home but will cost extra. We have to be careful when we move Wood, is always a good idea to put small plastic covers under the legs so it doesn’t touch the carpet while drying cause it would turn into a rust colored stain, so be careful with wooded legs of furniture. Our Carpet Cleaning Tips will help you prepare and dry your carpet’s faster.

Setting up:
We have to set up the machines and hoses, wand and also 2 separate electricity lights which holds two different circuit breakers. Machines are very powerful and if not connected right or if weak outlets then the breakers just go for a minute until we correct the problem by connecting it to a better and more powerful outlet.  We also use Bucket heaters to heat up the water, so we need to be careful that kids or pets be very careful and not to be close to the heaters.

We do pre-spray the area that will get cleaned with chemicals, we wait 10-15 minutes then we start doing the steam cleaning while we have 2 vacuums doing the job at the same time. Steam cleaning and vacuum is done at the same time and pulling out all dirt from carpet.

It takes about  5-6 hours to dry after the steam cleaning is completed. If you have portable fans in your home, this would be the best time to use it, to eliminate or cut the drying time. Please don’t walk on carpet while drying with dirty shoes, only sandals or clean shoes but can walk on carpet wearing these items, just no dirty shoes because wet carpet attracts dirt real fast. Our Carpet Cleaning Tips should help you prior during and after the process.

When the carpet completely dries you will be happy, you will have a clean and bright carpet – no more dirt on carpet. You must wait some time to dry but the outcome is worth it, you may also open the windows so the cool air hits the carpet and dries faster.  When the carpet is completely dried then you can start moving furniture on the carpet. Thank you for reading our Carpet Cleaning Tips page.

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