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Adwords – What is Adwords? How do you use it? what benefits can I get from it? Is Adwords for me? Is it expensive? will it help me with my site? Who runs Adwords?

Adwords has been created and implemented by Google, yes the biggest major search engine there is right now, almost everyone uses google to search the web, navigate and browse the web with google. Adwords is a platform where you can advertise place ads on google. You see those flashing ads on the top or on the right side of each page? yes those ads are Adwords, people can find your ad right away, there is no waiting line. The main option to use it is by creating your ads on the control panel or admin page at Adwords. You go there and you use your best keywords and most important use your website link so when a user clicks your ad they see your website link and can visit your website. With these type of advertising you don’t wait you get customers or visitors to your site in minutes or seconds. You must have knowledge how to use this service though; if not you will fail and waste your money.

You or I register and set up an account at adwords, you use your credit card and store it on google website, set up an ads and specific keywords, locations, what days to have your ads running or by time and location. Location is used to target the audience for that city and state. This way you are not wasting your money, you have total control. So let’s get started, go to google type in adwords and create an account. Contact me to work on it and set up your ads with your best important keywords and type of business you have. Tell me what is most important for you so I can make your ads work.

I charge $45 one time fee to create one ad and make it work for you, yes this will definitely work today, yes right now. This is how it works:

A user clicks your ad then you get charged an amount of money for the click ads, I or you put in the price for that keyword, yes it is all about keywords. Google will post your ads when a user enters that keyword on the search engine. For example I an looking for carpet cleaning in Virginia and I have a ad with carpet cleaning in Virginia keyword then my ad will run and the ad will show up. Yes, then a user will be able to read my description ad title and keywords plus link which is Carpet Cleaning VA DC MD. A user clicks and will go to that website home page and a  you get charged let’s say $2.00 for that click.

or $5 whatever price you put on it, the more $$$ the keyword is worth to you the more chances you get for clicks and exposure on google. Yes this is how it works, I know you don’t have enough time to be educating yourself or learning this because it is time consuming and truthfully confusing right? well I know how to use it, just contact me and I can start working it for you. I need to have control or your google adwords account though, I think you can add user’s to give me permission if not I can use my account and make it work for you, plus I am 100% legit and you can count on me.

Yes your ads will be live now today; if google approves your ads, adult ads not permitted, a website that has just affiliates links not permitted, ilegal stuff not permitted, only good business. I think the deduct money from your credit card monthly once if you have clicks so it is pay per click. But if you are craving for visitor’s now then this si for you. I know bing does have it too, so if you want one with google and one with bing then I charge two time. Bing and yahoo platform are the same platform, I don’t know if you are aware of this?

I think I have covered everything here related to this great opportunity for you, keep in mind the SEO is different vs pey per click, SEO takes time to work and is organic search engine, Adwords is now today and tomorrow but you have to pay, SEO is free but you have to pay the webmaster which is me! If you want SEO I am here, if you want pay per click with Bing or Google I am here (you need to have a working website for Adwords recommended) , A new website I am here, repair and work on existing site, contact me today!

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