Online Classes

We teach you Computer Related Courses

Online Classes

What Courses do we teach?

We teach you how to create graphic designs with adobe illustrator and some Photoshop. We can teach you how to create websites with adobe Dreamweaver and word press. We can teach you how to build a custom computer. How to fully develop a website and launch it live on the web. If you want to run your own shopping selling business online via a shopping store and a whole lot more…

Online Classes
Online Classes

Rates, Prices & Quote

We charge a very low fee, tell us how much you can afford and we can negotiate. Our fee’s are very low! Send us an email for more information. 

How do we provide the classes

Usually is offered hourly or you can buy a full day. You will save money if you do daily, weekly, than just hourly. We can work with you on your schedule. We provide our classes via webcam, mic and interactive chat. Like skype kind of deal!

Online Classes

Get Ready To Learn

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Online Classes


What you will be learning! Get prepared to learn a new trade and help you in your future, super fast!

  • Computer Repairs, IT work, How to build a custom computer, how to run and do maintenance on a PC, Security and software insatallations much more….


  • Graphics – How to create vector files and convert to many different format. Learning graphic design super fast without any reading, just by looking and experimenting with us live. You will learn in no time how to create stuff with adobe illustrator.

    We can help you with everything in order to get you up and running
    Contact us today to learn how to be a graphics artist. knowledge is power.

  • Website Development:

    You will need Adobe Dreamweaver and a hosting account for this class. You will working on a website from scratch or a theme. Let me know if you want to create basic HTML or want to jump ahead to the advance mode which is Word Press site with pre-built themes. A theme is already designed and we just modify it to our needs and is just very simple. If you want to learn how to create and launch a website live on the web; this class is best for you. I will teach all and everything regarding website dev. Imagine that you could build websites and don’t pay anyone to do it for you? You run your own business online.

    Website design and development is power!

  • PHP and Database:

    Learn the basics of PHP and Database manipulation. Yes this is very important if you want to learn how to create websites. Without learning this you might as well not learn website design and development. This is the final phase to launch a real interactive website. Is very simple when you have learned everything.

    MySQL & PHP
    Learn with us!

Learn on your schedule!

Learn online, no time to waste, you pick how you want to learn!

Online Classes


Our Final class would be to learn how to create and make signs. Yes, many people do want to learn this trade but can’t find anyone to teach them! Well, here is your chance to learn with me, you can learn how to vinyl cut and apply to a substrate. How to create vinyl decals and also apply to a hat or T-Shirt. You will need adobe illustrator for this and a vinyl cutter or digital printer. If you have a large format printer and want to learn this great class, let me know and we will teach you online.